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Visual Atmosphere

Reinforcing your identity through images

Make a stronger impression with
intriguing, artistic or humorous pictures
through a dynamic display.

Digital display:
a powerful communication tool

We gather 80% of all information through our sight. Moving images irresistibly attract a potential customer's attention. He becomes all the more sensitive to the information being presented, his eye being subconsciously attracted by any moving or colourful element. With a custom dynamic display solution, you can retain your customer's attention, adding a dose of entertainment to their visit. It is certainly advantageous when closing a sale and helps build customer loyalty.

Sol Maestro,
builds on the strengths of a dynamic technology

Sol Maestro offers a diversity of video systems and custom solutions to create a personalized atmosphere in your establishment, stimulating your customer's curiosity and your staff:

  • Multi-zone display using one or many screens;
  • Creation of information video clips showcasing your products and services, highlighting promotions or advertising upcoming events;
  • Entertainment videos service on a variety of themes (sport, nature, animals, quizzes...);
  • Diffusion of television channels inserting personalized content on part of the screen;
  • Custom programming of content broadcasts thanks to super-flexible calendar application.

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