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Atmosphere Scenarios


Retail store

Sensory atmospheres increase sales and foster customer loyalty!

A sweet floral perfume or the scent of flax will highlight a brand's custom olfactory signature. Odours have strong emotional connections and can speed up the purchasing process. A positive olfactory experience will also help increase the amount of time spent by customers in your store, leading to more sales.
A well-chosen musical background at the right levels can personalize points of sales.
Flat screens displaying promotional, advertising or information content, blend perfectly with contemporary marketing styles and interior. Digital displays are eco-friendly, cost-effective and very trendy tools.

A sensory signature should be part of your retail branding strategy!


Hotels and retirement homes

Sensory atmospheres in hotels and retirement homes should be comforting, relaxing, and make your stay generally more enjoyable!

The sweet smell of greenery or flowers will bring comfort and a sensation of wellbeing. Scents such as lavender or hamam will help people in areas meant for relaxation (spa, pool, changing rooms, rest areas, etc.). The scent of citrus in the dining room has a positive impact on appetite.
There is a right musical ambience for every zone: dining room, pool, elevators, corridors, bathrooms, reception... (you can set up to eight different zones and manage them separately with different schedules).
Flat screens, installed in distinct areas, can highlight daily menus and activities or advertising content. Digital display is eco-friendly, cost-effective and very trendy.

The sensory atmosphere of your accommodation can engrave beautiful memories in your customers forever!


Financial institution

Confidential areas, personalized music environment, a premium atmosphere conveying a feeling of trust...

With sensory ambience design, business discussions take place in a pleasant environment, where customers and personnel hold private conversations with a sensation of absolute discretion.

Furthermore, our video and messaging platform makes it possible to broadcast promotional messages complementing your corporate communication campaigns and promoting your financial products and services. As it becomes a custom media within a network of branches, this platform can also extend the reach of major marketing campaigns using traditional medias.

The sweet smells of lavender and flax seed help people relax and focus.
The musical atmosphere should be soft. Sound levels should be carefully set to fit the various zones (cash counters, service area, staff areas, etc.).
Digital displays can be used to inform customers about various products and services and to display advertising or information content. This method is all at once eco-friendly, cost-effective and very trendy.

In the world of finance, a sensory atmosphere is a highly distinctive element, with a strong impact on the clientele's perception of the level of quality offered by your institution!



The sensory atmosphere of a restaurant adds further distinction to the culinary experience. It can, and should, increase the pleasures of wining and dining, raising the overall satisfaction level of the customer with this multisensory experience (taste, smell, lighting, music)!

A light citrus aroma will help whet your customer's appetite. A hint of flower or greenery will create an atmosphere of comfort and wellbeing.
Create a highly customized music environment perfectly adapted to your brand image and target (jazz, classical, world music, lounge...). This musical ambience can be specifically programmed for different zones: dining room, bathrooms, reception… (eight different zones can be set up and managed separately according to different schedules).
Using flat screens to display special offers or menus, entertainment, etc., is a cost-effective, trendy and eco-friendly way to inform your customers.

A heightened sensory experience brings even more distinction in the eyes of your clientele!


Fitness Centre

The mood of a fitness centre should be set to bring optimal satisfaction and stamina in the user!

Eucalyptus scent helps dilate bronchial tubes, ensuring better breathing during cardiovascular training. A touch of cinnamon will stimulate enthusiasm and bring a sensation of performance, while lavender helps people unwind after a hard workout (spa, changing rooms, rest areas, etc.).
Background music should be adapted to the different activities (you can set up to eight different zones and manage them separately with different schedules).
Video content, of a promotional, advertising or informational nature, is a welcome distraction during heavy cardio and muscular training sessions. Digital media is an eco-friendly, cost-effective and very trendy tool.

In training and fitness centres, a sensory atmosphere will have a positive effect on the volume of customers, their satisfaction level, and loyalty!



A spa's sensory atmosphere should generate total relaxation and a lasting memory of the spa experience.

The sweet aroma of lavender, eucalyptus or hamam will favour relaxation.
A meditative music atmosphere diffused in different zones will bring the perfect finishing touch (you can set up to eight different zones and manage them separately with different schedules).
Digital displays can be used to inform customers about your services (massage, sauna, baths) and ways to enjoy relaxation to its fullest. This method is all at once eco-friendly, cost-effective and very trendy.

Sensory atmospheres are a key element of spas, as they enhance the relaxation experience with a lasting feeling of pleasure and wellbeing!



In the entertainment business, the objective of sensory atmospheres is to bring a heightened sense of pleasure tailored to specific activities.


The titillating smell of cinnamon stimulates casino players, providing a sensation of on-edge performance and a sense of increased excitation, while lavender or eucalyptus help them cool down in a relaxing atmosphere.
The right amount of background music will help players focus on their favourite activity.
Flat screens are perfect to broadcast advertising, promotional or information videos. The right distance will allow the players to occasionally gaze at them and rest their eyesight during prolonged gambling periods. A digital display is a fashionable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective way to reach your clientele.

Movie theaters / Performance venues

A light odour of popcorn often leads to snack breaks as it reinforces an existing emotional connection between popcorn and movies. A custom scent can be developed to support theatrical themes or special events (in classical plays: spices, pine, flowers...).
The sky is the limit! Managing different music contents for different zones : ticket counters, bathrooms, corridors, film theater, etc., and synchronizing audio and video contents with features programming, promotions, or advertising (show, film, drama...).
It would be very easy to tailor the advertising to various audiences sitting in different rooms.

Sensory atmospheres in entertainment venues should bring about unforgettable and sensational experiences!