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Sound Atmosphere

Humanize your space with music and a remarkable sound quality

The ambience created by well chosen musical content, served at the exact appropriate level, is a winning recipe : the positive reactions created in customers transform an uncertain consumer approach into a unique purchasing experience.

The trump cards of sound marketing

Less stress, positive perception of the brand, more customer loyalty, increased spending…

Marketing studies have confirmed it: background music humanizes points of sale, reduce the anxiety created by silence, and create a more agreeable consumer experience. The musical atmosphere can have a positive influence the following three aspects of the consumer experience:

  • Background music = lower stress levels;
  • Choosing the right style = happy songs will reflect on consumer behaviour;
  • Choosing the right tempo = increased consumer spending.

Sol Maestro - musical imaging with a just a few clicks

When it comes to creating your custom sound atmosphere, Sol Maestro leaves nothing to chance:

Carefully designed content...

  • Unlimited choice in all styles of music: Soft Rock, Pop, Rock, Dance, Lounge, Soul, Disco, Reggae, Jazz, Latin, Blues, Country, Christmas, Classical, New Age, Youth, etc.
  • New songs are automatically updated.
  • Catalogue of music playlists programmed for different occasions (Valentine Day love songs, Thursday After-Hours
  • Lounge music, Reggae and Latin Fridays, Jazz Festival, Québec songs for the National Holiday, Yearly Top 50, etc.).
  • Complete musical programming with our music directors.

Just the right dose of technology

  • Broadcast specific music contents in up to eight (8) different zones in your establishment.
  • Royalties are included in your subscription.
  • Sound levels adjustments prevent fluctuations and preserve your finely crafted atmosphere.
  • Creation of audio messages to advertise your products, services, promotions or events.
  • Message broadcasting report (promotional messages impact study).
  • Daily news flash bulletins.
  • Super-flexible calendaring software allows for the fine-tuning of your sound atmosphere according to time, day, season, all year long.
  • User profiles secure access to certain software functions.

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