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Sol Maestro

Atmosphere creation software

Sol Maestro is multimedia software beyond compare that enables you to design, manage and tone your perfect ambience, with sounds, smell, and visual effects. And it does so very simply, using an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Developed by Solist Technologies programmers, this turnkey software solution provides scalable management of your sensory atmospheres, tailored both to your needs and budget.

A large portfolio of equipment

Sol Maestro is not just software, but also a wide array of equipment that supports all means of sensory content diffusion. Our team of experts will assist you through all your hardware choices, from initial planning to a perfect system installation. We can also assist you with the development of audio-visual or radio content thanks to our private professional recording studio facilities.

  • Sound Products: high end public address systems including amplifiers, indoor and outdoor speakers, sound level control units, equalizers, and much more.
  • Visual Products: television screens, wall mounts, floor mounts, ceiling mounts, cabling, etc.
  • Olfactory Products: integrated scent diffusion systems complete with blower assembly.