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Sensory Marketing

Why do it and who is it for?

Nowadays, consumers are saturated with offers, and businesses need to distinguish themselves from the competition with true value-added offers. Traditional marketing is not in line with modern consumers who assess products according to personal values and experiences. Consumers have become less predictable, less rational, more inclined to listen to their feelings and relying on their senses.

Turning prospective customers into loyal clients

A new dimension is being added to conventional marketing: sensory perception. By stimulating the consumer's senses to create a unique experience, sensory marketing undertakes to generate positive sensations linked directly to the brand, tweaking individual perceptions and strengthening the ties between consumers and the brand.

The objective is to stake a territory in the imagination of potential buyers and turn them into loyal customers.

Giving a personal touch to your products and services

Sensory marketing is also an effective tool to distinguish your store from online shopping. Convincing customers to visit the stores is becoming increasingly difficult, perhaps even challenging. Physical stores must appeal to the physical ature of shopping and add value to the experience by stimulating the senses: touching the products, gazing at them while relaxing in a cosy armchair to a soothing musical background, being all at once informed and entertained, discovering a new universe through subtle fragrances…

Sensory marketing is outstanding

When you want to stand out in front of the competition, when you need to personalize your image for customers and prospects, increase customer loyalty and sales numbers…

Sol Maestro will back your sensory marketing strategy and help you reach your objectives: relaxing and comfortable music and sound atmosphere, a warm and welcoming visual environment, a positive and lasting olfactory imprint through the propagation of subtle scents.